Friday, April 10, 2009

The Hand of Gods!!! ... a first hand account

Nothing infamous about this one.
We have been having our own football league, which we call SOM Premier League (SPL), in the hostel 1 grounds over the past week. I am part of a team called the Thunderbolts and though we dint start off thunderously in the tournament, we have been able to find our feet after the initial hiccups.
And it so happened that due to a manpower crunch, resulting out of corporate internship inductions, I got to play. I had played a total of 20 minutes in the last 3 games and that too in defense, something which I have never done. After much deliberation and strategising, I was asked where I'll be comfortable playing. In a team of 5, with one goalkeeper, you dont get much choices but still I ventured out and said," I'll play forward." Well, that really did change the evening for me.
I dont remember the exact timings of all the goals but I do remember how I scored them. Atleast 2 of them were good and 2 were plain dumb luck, while 1 could be put down to a defensive lapse by opponents. As I told everyone present, I was just lucky to be at the right place at the right time. The scoreline at the end of the match read 5-2 for Thunderbolts, with all 5 coming from my boot (OK, one was a header, make that 4+1!!). I felt that if I could just hang up my boots and walk into the sunset of my footballing career I would still be happy (lolzzz!!! nt much of a career actually!!). Anyways, most importantly, I had loads of fun and tons of laughs as I recounted the goals in my mind and probably thats wat counts the most. To borrow a term from my friend Ajit... Joga Bonito!!!!

Talking of Ajit, we have discovered our very own combination of Steve McMahon, Paul Masefield and Shebby Singh in this bloke. I wonder if he should take up sports journalism in all the right earnest... this is wat he had to say about the match...( mind you he was the opponent so the accolades are all the more special!!!)

A 5 star Parsu performance

It was Parsu's day out on the field as an unprecedented 5 goals from him helped Thunderbolts crush Gunners 5-2. The manner in which the goals were scored were noteworthy with each one being different from the previous. Although a couple of them were scored as a result of the generosity of Gunners defence, whose performance left a lot to be desired, the first of his five stood out for his positioning and deft touch. A goalmouth scramble following a corner led to the ball rolling to Parsu who had stationed himself at the farpost, one deft touch and it lobbed over Amit into the Gunners' goal. That opened the flood gates as Parsu completed the hat-trick
in just 18 minutes, a record that will surely stand for many SPL seasons to come.

The Gunners showed signs of a comeback with Ajit pulling a goal back at the start of the second half. However, a bad mistake at the goal post led to them conceding a very soft goal and the match was all but over. Bala soon made it two for the Gunners but it was all too late.
The limelight belonged to one man. With this wonderful SPL performance, he has surely qualified for the next GPL session.

Man of the match: Parsu

Gud going Rocky... just dont sue me IP.

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