Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ouch!! I can’t write about S….E….X

Well its 3.30 am and I am writing in my hostel room, simultaneously cursing the LAN-ban in our campus. Another usual B-school day will come to an end for me, in say about an hour. Reading before classes is certainly a first for me, so I have to get accustomed to it pretty fast, besides there is the usual din of totally useless activities in hostels that you get addicted to here. Eating in the night canteen for instance.

Matthew Hayden retired today but I could care less. I never liked him anyways and that has nothing to do with his relationship with Bhajji. He is a typical example of a struggler, who fought his way back in to the Aussie squad after being dropped. He is not a purist’s cricketer and he is big, burly and remorseless, quite unlike the batsmen I like, for example apna Tendlya, small, vulnerable (by the looks… not his cricket. That’s another debate) and emotionally charged.

Of course, it would take a certain degree of ignorance to completely dismiss his contributions to Aussie and world cricket and I, infact, do salute him for his achievements though I’ll still say I am pleased to see the back of him.

My latest GTalk signature says: “Love is the answer, but while you’re waiting for the answer sex does raise some interesting questions. ” Woody Allen

As soon as I changed it, I got a few pings about it. Like all normal things, the reaction was mixed and I couldn’t pick any reaction extraordinaire amongst them. What it set me thinking on was why we attach so much attention and connotations to the word “SEX”. I still remember a particular incident from graduation. Final year, when we were learning the art of drafting our resumes, there was a section regarding personal information. This is what our faculty had to say about it, “And finally, kindly use the word GENDER and then write MALE or FEMALE, please do no use the word S….E…X”". Yeah, that’s what she did. She didn’t say “… do use the word SEX” but “… word S…E…X”. Just the individual letters not the word. As if uttering the word would destine her to the deepest and hottest cauldrons of hell.

Final thought, Indian attitude towards SEX is akin to the American attitude towards Outsourcing. We both don’t like to talk about it but we seem to have no hassles in practicing it. With our huge population and their huge cost cuttings, we have proof enough.



  1. wahhh apki likhavat ka jawab nahi.. ummm hope u havent forgotten abt the 100 pages preread for tmrws class ;-)

  2. Man i really liked the way u wrote about indian mentality abt "SEX"

    well for good / bad ... I don't know ... but its changing

    we are no more only open to say it aloud but all the more open to ignore the "things" that happen around

    I still remember my pshychology prof's words --- "the more u try to hide your desires/feelings... the more it will try to come out in open ... :)"

    this is said in context of ur teacher --- she didn't say S...E...X just because she was nervous abt it ... but her inner feelings were tempting her to say that word, otherwise she would have ignored it completely

    P.S: I must stop here or you will kill me otherwise... :P

    By the way kitna vehla hoon mein ... maybe my psyche doesn't want to study and waste time... he he he